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God is not a physical being limited to one place. He is present everywhere and he can be worshiped anywhere at anytime. It is not where we worship that counts but how we worship.

This 'figure' is shown with arms raised toward the Heavens in order that she/he might show outwardly that they are worshiping the Lord. God is spirit (he in not a physical being limited to one place), and his worshipers must worship in spriit and in truth. John 4:24

These unique God Tags are a non-traditional take on standard military issued dog tags.

Each myGodTag was created from an original drawing or piece of artwork. Then it was made into a stamp, which was then used to create an impression in wax, and later cast into a sterling silver tag. These solid sterling silver tags are handmade in Texas. Each tag comes with an adjustable leather cord (shown in middle of photo). The tags come with a card that shows the symbol and its meaning, and the scripture reference.