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These unique myGodTags are a non-traditional take on standard military issued dog tags. Each myGodTag was created from an original drawing or piece of artwork. Then it was made into a stamp, which was then used to create an impression in wax, and later cast into a sterling silver tag. These solid sterling silver tags are handmade in Texas. Each tag comes with an adjustable leather cord (shown in middle of photo).

The tags come with a card that shows the symbol and its meaning, and the scripture reference.

SURVIVOR: For those who survive the often unsurvivable, you will find a miracle that can't be explained by anything other than God.  Further proof that He has a purpose for your life on earth before He calls you to be with Him.  The tree shows the healing of the tree from the nearly lifeless to being fully alive, through Christ. 

I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.  Psalm 118:17

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