Nickel Silver Crucifix Necklace

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Note from Deirdre, the artist...So I have to confess to the truth about this design.  I have this really cool friend who drew this design for a tatoo that now graces his ankle.  I loved it.  My version is slightly different, but the original idea goes to Leo ~ yes, he knows that I am using his idea.  :)

What I really like about this cross is some cool theology that it claims. Christ died on the cross for us, but He is not still on the cross!  The cross is empty, the tomb is empty, and Christ is in heaven chatting with God on our behalf.  How cool is that?                                        
The cross pendant (1 1/2" x 1") comes in Nickel Silver.  Brushed finish on 18" steel bead chain.  

Made in the USA

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