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Simply Boy's Cross

This Simple Boy's Cross will delight anyone who cherishes simplicity. With its understated yet elegant design, it is extremely popular with parents and individuals looking for a simple yet masculine cross for those boys and young men in their lives. The rugged texture of the surface is especially attractive and unique.

At about 5.5 inches in height x 3.9 inches wide, it is an ideal size for any bedroom wall. The cross is made of solid bronze.

One of the most important lessons that Jesus taught us is the value of simplicity: often, the simplest route is the most direct and honest. Ostentation and adornment can obscure good intentions. Likewise, this cross acknowledges that in many circumstances, simplicity is key in art as well. This cross does a fantastic job of directing viewers' attention to the divine, to Christ, and to his sacrifice. Give it as a gift to a loved one or for oneself.

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